Weekly Review: Charlotte

Where to begin! Welcome back fro another week of anime show reviews! This week we are going to be taking a look at an anime series that I really was not expecting a whole lot from. Like some of the other shows I watch, it was suggested to me rather than me finding it. Since it was a suggestion, I did not even read the description, I just hopped on and hoped for the best. Now, at the time, I was just trying to get over a really gripping anime show, so I figured this would be a good laugh and a filler until I found the next in-depth show, being as this show only has 12 (Egypt 13?) Episodes. Man, was I in for a rude awakening!

So the basis of this anime series is relatively simple, but the plot itself does not really come into affect until about halfway through the show. In this show reality, some adolescents find themselves developing mysterious powers. For example: super speed, invisibility, flying, etc. The powers follow no real pattern, and there is not a whole lot of information about the powers at the beginning of the anime. All we know is that some kids have them, and some kids do not. That's where Yuu comes in; Yuu is our main protagonist, even though he does not act like it. Yuu has a very cool power of being able to take over another person for around five seconds. The downside to this is his body is left limp on the ground while he does so. Naturally, the first episode shows us what any young man would do with such a power: taking over girls and looking at things, having guys fight each other, and causing accidents that makes him look to be the hero.

In fact, all was going to plan for Yuu. He periodically took over the smart kid's bodies in class and copied their scores, rising the ranks as one of the smartest kids in his class. On top of his looks, he had women begging to be with him. That is, until he is called into a conference room and told to take a test, proving his intelligence. Naturally panicking, he tries to evade the problem. It is only after he is forced to take it does he decide to use his power to take over the "teacher" and search for the answers. Except, the only thing he finds is a girly magazine, and upon returning to his body, a girl with a camcorder shoved in his face.

It takes some convincing, by that I mean being chased down by a student that has the power of speed and also being kicked around by a girl with invisibility, but Yuu finally comes around. The two students, from another high school, are Takajo and Nao. They are on the student council of a special school that harbors students with special powers, and those they believe will develop powers. Yuu is forced to not only transfer, but join the student council as they find his power to be "useful." The job of the student council, as Nao explains, is to go out and find students using powers and get them to either stop using them, or transfer.

Now, why would they go through all of that trouble? Well, you see, people do not like it when certain people have extraordinary powers. So, it is common that if a child is discovered with special powers, they are taken away by authorities and experienced on in order to find out how to harvest those powers. So the student council acts as a buffer to try and prevent such situations.

So that's it? They go out and find peeps? That's exactly what I thought after the first half of the season. Do not get me wrong, it's a great laugh. The situations that they are put in will have you rolling, as well as the main character's personality. However, there will come an episode where the plot does a 360 backflip spin, and will leave you sitting in your chair wondering what the heck just happened.

So to finish this review of Charlotte, I just want to say that I really enjoyed the anime and the plot gets way better than how it starts. You will not expect it, but this is a very emotional anime. There are friends made, romances that bud, and even some lives that are lost. By the end of the anime, you will find your heart aching as you would desire to see a certain two characters be together. Not to mention, this anime has one of the best love confessions I've ever seen in my life. It's amazing. So knowing all of this, you should probably go watch this show and fall in love with it like I have!

Source by Kyle W Hawk

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