Death Note Review – The Phenomenon of Anime and Manga Series! No Spoiler Included

Death Note is obviously among the best anime series in recent history, for this presents a seriously unique and engaging story rivaled by few. I can really say it is one of the best, otherwise the best anime I have ever watched.


The story is unique. A notebook called Death Note falls from the sky, and people who writes a name on it is able to killing the person pictured in his mind. This presents the viewers with a very debatable theme based on morals and the law. Yagami Light, who gains this power to kill, makes use of it in hopes of making a utopia in which he’s God. Criminals, and only criminals, should be eliminated in hopes of an ideal society. Is this however, correct? Is it right to get rid of and kill people have done wrong, and can do wrong again? Can they be reformed? Death Note gives the audiences with such questions which can’t be very easily answers. This series challenges the audiences morals and for that, it ought to get highly.

However, this debatable topic is not the series strong point. Death Note will get a 10 in the story department, due to the way the plot unravels. Along with excellent, power and ambition, Yagami Light is compelled to perform a chair gripping game of cat and mouse with people who seek to detain him. The best way L efforts to persecute Light is something I’ve never seen in an anime. The first 15 episodes will amazingly attract you closer and closer to the story as suspense hangs over their individual strategies to identifying the other. You won’t be disappointed.

This flaws start once it’s apparent that there will be a 2nd arc. This to me, appeared like an unneeded way of drawing out the anime, even though perhaps a change in scenario was been necessary to break the dead lock between L and Light, the series becoming to lose some of its original appear at this point, and if I were to rate each arcs separately, the first would receive 150/100 and the second a 90/100. Anyhow, this brilliant story should get an overall 100/100 in my opinion.


L and Light would be the most interesting and intelligent characters I have ever noticed in an anime. Even though both are geniuses, the each owns that particular something that can make you root for one of them to conquer the game. Light’s charismatic, but very demented character will give you reason to watch his conquests and downfalls. L’s quirky, but highly genius qualities does the same for him. They’re both distinctive and pleasant in their own methods. Character development can also be seen, especially with Light as you see his calm, calculating figure being to break into a maddening and dangerous mess. Obsessed and overtaken by his ambition of conquest with the Death note, he changes drastically right from the start of the series. This change is seen in several other characters too, although not as notable. Anyhow, the characters are very fascinating enough.


Just one more amazing part of Death Note. I really think that if not for the soundtrack, the anime wouldn’t be where it is. All those fast decisive moments with lives on the line are created strong, and the calm calculating ones much more so as the characters make an effort to read one another. The opera, holy-like songs background music also provides enormously to Light’s character and aim to become God in his ideal new world. The only downside here exists in the second opening which in the beginning, might seem gross to you. But as you keep watch the series you will learn just how nicely it suits Light’s demented mind and how every little thing he has achieved.


And once again, incredibly done. The dark colors match the anime completely, and the characters as well as scenery are all done wonderfully. What I’m saying is, the anime made writing with a pen look awesome. How they made it zoom throughout that piece of paper. When it comes to animation, the pen is the winner. It genuinely does. But really, there is not much action taking place here, so there was not much to animate. A lot of the scenes contains the characters conversing or thinking, but the scenes there were full of action such as car incident and such, it was done perfectly.

Overall, this is great anime! Anyone who finishes this anime can be forced to wonder by what they would have done using a Death Note. Most of them will dilemma and argue about the actions of Light. It’s this talkable and complexness that makes the anime stand out, along with its power to carve suspense and anticipation into its audiences. I’ve never watched an anime just like Death Note, and I highly recommend this anime to you!

Source by Takagi Wei

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