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Naruto (The Will of Fire)

Anyone familiar with the anime/manga series Naruto Shippuden would definitely know of the main characters’ undaunted heroism in the quest to end the pain in the lives of those around him and bring peace to not just the hidden leaf village but all surrounding hidden villages and their territories. Uzumaki Naruto’s “will of fire” not just leads him to aspire to become the next Hokage of his village, but also inspires all those around him to train harder to become better at protecting the people they love. read more

Japanese Glossary For Image Board Users

Image boards have become a popular web pastime in recent years. If you’ve been to places like 4chan, 7chan, and the like, you’ve seen a unique culture that mixes illustrated and photographic art from both Western and Japanese culture. After you browse these places for awhile, it starts to become apparent that Japanese and English are mixed together so much, you need a foot in each culture to understand what’s going on.

So here’s a guide to the most common Japanese words you’ll find in the world of image boards. Keep in mind that these places are inhabited mostly by anime, manga, and video game fans, so most of the terms have to do with this culture. read more

Arby’s – Successful Social Media

Social media has taken over the internet as we know it. Creating social spaces online has allowed millions of potential prospects to-be easily accessible in one space. Being able to reach large groups of people in the matter of seconds through a post has been instrumental to organizations marketing strategies. So it comes as no surprise that most companies have utilized social media to its full marketing potential.

To gain attraction on social media, you have to post relevant and intriguing content to the target audience you are wishing to acquire. That means, posting ads and promotions that speak to your online audiences. One company that has mastered its niche market on social media is Arby’s. It’s weird to think that you would actually want to follow a fast food restaurant on your media pages, but Arby’s is brilliantly posting content that is keeping their viewers entertained and intrigued. With every ad they post having thousands of: views, likes, and shares, Arby’s has given a identity to their brand. read more

Weekly Review: Sword Art Online – Final Impressions


Sword Art Online, or SAO, means a lot of things to a lot of people. The anime practically blew up to the point where at least everyone with a casual interest in anime has heard the name. As popular as it may be, that was also its downfall. Nowadays, any mention of the anime usually comes with a lot of criticism for lack of depth, character development, and flaws. Despite all of that, I still feel that this series is something magical. It may just be my own bias, as it was one of the first series I ever got heavily invested in. Seriously, I’ve watched it six times (twice sub, and four times dub), and now I’ve just completed the first eight books of the series (which is as far as the English translations have gotten). Of course, after all of this, I’m a little burned out on SAO. Of course, that’s not going to stop my from giving my final impressions on this series that means so much to me. read more

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