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Kotobukiya Anime Figurines

Kotobukiya Anime Figurines are small figurines of women from popular video games and Anime Series from Japan. All of the figurines are generally in the size range of 6-9 inches tall. They are all of characters in the game or series and are listed in different positions and clothing accessories. Many of the figurines are scantily dressed as they give a classy sexy look to these animated characters.

All of the figurines have exquisite detail and craftsmanship and are sculpted by Japanese master animators. All of the figurines are exquisitely painted and are and ready for display right out of its original Japanese language window box. They are all attractive figurines that are exact replicas of their animated characters. All have different poses and looks, as no Kotobukiya Anime Figurines look alike. read more

Sexy Cosplay Costume Adds a New Lease on Life to the Fantastic Anime World

Like it or not, costume play links more and more people to join in nowadays. Participants are fond of imitating their favorite anime or movie characters and bringing the imaginary world to reality. In such a period when people usually show special appetites on most matters and look forward to making some differences after a long-term busy commuting, the arrival of costume play absolutely excites most people's mood. They make appearances that are obviously different with their own fashion styles. Through those eccentric, fearful, lovely or sexy looks, anime lovers experience something different and live their life to the fullest. read more

Anime – Five Different Types and Why You Will Enjoy Them

Animé is an abbreviation of the word animation, animé is highly appreciated by Americans, and of course the country it originated from, Japan. But don’t be fooled by the simplistic art style, a lot of animé can be particularly mature. Trust me when I say there are lots of different types of animé, such as

1. Magical girl. Magical girl usually consists of a teenage girl who has some how gained magical powers, and then has to fight off monsters and anything particularly evil. Magical girl usually revolves around a girl. The love interest is usually emotionless, or just mean, he will normally have a tragic past or parents that neglect him, and that in turn is somehow supposed to justify him being a jerk. read more

Baccano (Anime) Is Captivating and Totally Engaging

Baccano roughly translated means “ruckus or stupid commotion.” Which is an apt description for this uproarious show. It’s set in New York City in the early 1930s and is a delightfully unique anime. With its striking animation and magnificent voice actors, this may turn out to be many a teenagers favorite Funimation offering. I know its definitely one of my daughters, and it completely tickles me too.

Baccano can move from kind of gross (blood wise), to tantellizingly goofy, to surprisingly sweet within minutes. With most of the characters being immortals you can expect to see some not-so-subtle scary scenes (yes, some body parts fly…but they do reconnect). But don’t worry, nobody important ever dies, “they just get really big boo-boo’s” to quote the narrator of George of the Jungle. read more

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