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Death Note Review – The Phenomenon of Anime and Manga Series! No Spoiler Included

Death Note is obviously among the best anime series in recent history, for this presents a seriously unique and engaging story rivaled by few. I can really say it is one of the best, otherwise the best anime I have ever watched.


The story is unique. A notebook called Death Note falls from the sky, and people who writes a name on it is able to killing the person pictured in his mind. This presents the viewers with a very debatable theme based on morals and the law. Yagami Light, who gains this power to kill, makes use of it in hopes of making a utopia in which he’s God. Criminals, and only criminals, should be eliminated in hopes of an ideal society. Is this however, correct? Is it right to get rid of and kill people have done wrong, and can do wrong again? Can they be reformed? Death Note gives the audiences with such questions which can’t be very easily answers. This series challenges the audiences morals and for that, it ought to get highly. read more

Bishojo and Moe Characters – The Ideal Female in Japanese Anime and Videogames

“Bishojo” is a Japanese term literally meaning “beautiful girl,” and usually refers to genres of anime and video games that are centered on them. What is considered to be bishojo is subjective to its artists and audiences; such characters can have but are not limited to:

  • Large, endearing eyes to convey her emotions — a characteristic of the anime-art style
  • An ideal female body shape — the hourglass figure
  • An emphasis of the breasts by making them large, giving her sex appeal
  • A wide array of hairstyles, even those that seem impossible in real life
  • Have a wardrobe that includes skirts, blouses, and dresses
  • Moe characteristics

“Moe,” pronounced “mo-eh,” literally referring to a budding plant, is an informal Japanese term meaning a type of feeling towards anime female characters. The moe character exudes an aura of innocence, through her appearance and quirky personality; we might be attracted to her so much that we desire to be with her — to protect her, to be her boyfriend, to be her father, because in our minds she represents the ideal female. read more

Anime’s Bad Rap in the West

Although more understood for what it is by some Anime continues to suffer from misconception by many people in North America which is a shame.

As a art form Anime has no equal with its visually stunning animation and deep storylines that appeal to young and old alike. Unfortunately the majority of western people have never even watched a Anime movie or TV series or would ever even consider letting their children view one because of preconceived ideas of what it is.

Contrary to popular belief Anime is NOT full of sex and nude cartoon characters, that is the provence of the more underground Henti animation. Sure, some Anime TV shows in Japan will show naked characters as they are more relaxed then in America about the human form but that is not the norm nor are those scenes usually contained in DVD’s sold in the west unless it is made quite clear on the packaging. read more

Step Into The Magic World Of Anime Fighting Games

Anime fighting games have become very popular through the years, and what once was a small genre with only few fans turned into one of the most popular genres in the gaming field.

Anime fighting games, as you have probably realized, are fighting games with anime graphics that are mostly based on Japanese animations and characters. They are being played by millions of people around the world and are divided by subgenres: arcade games, casual games, role-playing games (also known as RPG) and strategy games. read more

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